Justin Lee (이다호)

PhD Student
Molecular Engineering
University of Washington

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I develop and apply optogenetic tools to study physiology and development of excitable cells and tissue. I am advised by Andre Berndt. I received BS in Phyiology and MS in Applied Bioengineering at University of Washington. Before PhD study, I was with startup I co-founded NanoSurface Biomedical, and got trained from Deok-Ho Kim Lab.

Keywords: Optogenetics, Neuroscience, Cardiac Physiology, Electrophysiology, Stem Cell and Developments, Machine Learning


Jun 2020

I was selected as a 2020 ISCRM (Institue of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine) Fellow.

Dec 2018

I officially joined Andre Berndt Lab for my PhD study.

Aug 2018

I started Molecular Engineering PhD program at University of Washington.

Mar 2018

I left Deok-Ho Kim Lab.

Mar 2018

I left NanoSurface Biomedical.

Mar 2017

My two startup idea (Cognitive Heart, JEMS Tech) were both selected as finalists for Hollomon Innovation Challenge 2017.


Under Review

  • Incorporation of Sensing Modalities Into De Novo Designed Fluorescence-activating Proteins
    Jason C Klima, Lindsey A Doyle*, Justin H Lee*, Michael Rappleye, Lauren A Gagnon, Min Yen Lee, Anastassia A Vorobieva, Jiayi Dou, Emilia P Barros, Samantha Bremner, Cameron M Chow, Lauren Carter, David L Mack, Rommie E Amaro, Joshua C Vaughan, Andre Berndt, Barry L Stoddard, David Baker
    Nature Communications (Accepted)


* denotes equal contribution.